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The Unicorn of Aspen Falls
by Matthew Webber
Lilla is a forest child. Orphaned when her parents died saving Astleigh village from a plague, she grew up with her dour uncle, the best hunter in the village. Shunned by the village for her fey green eyes, she spends all her time in Asteigh Forest, foraging for herbs, wild vegetables, and truffles.

One day she is amazed when she (literally) bumps into a beautiful white beast with a single horn upon his brow. Lilla has never heard of a unicorn before. She innocently tells her uncle of the magical encounter, little realising that the magical horn is a priceless treasure that her uncle will stop at nothing to possess. Lilla uses all of her guile and forest skill to protect her friend but her uncle is very, very patient... When the inevitable happens, Lilla is determined that her uncle will not profit from his evil deed, but she has no way of knowing where this path will lead her, or the form justice will take.

This is my first venture into mainstream publishing. I hope everyone will enjoy it. Proceeds will help towards upkeep of the website!

Available on Amazon:

Amazon Kindle edition This is the UK site but Kindle books should be accesible from Amazon in most countries.

Amazon Print-on-Demand edition Again, this is the UK site: check Amazon terms and conditions for local availability.

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