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Last amended 10th September 2012
New Additions
All the King's Horses by Kara 10/9/2012
The invading army is very vulnerable to mounted troops, but knowing this, they launched pre-emptive strikes at Telvis' cavelry bases and now there is scarcely an able-bodied warhorse in the kingdom. How to redress this desperate shortfall?

The Knight's Steed by Bucephalus 20/7/2012
Alex longs to be something more than the mediocre non-person he feels himself to be. When a mysterious voice offers sympathy and a way to realise his dream of heroism, he has little idea what is in store for him...

All Change at Wamble by Destrier 30/6/2012
A surreal tale: Bob is the postman for the changeable town of Wamble, but he has a dream, if only he can get a Ticket for it...

Life Ain't Easy for a Boy Turned Mare! by Destrier 28/3/2012
Something Johnny Cash might have written if he'd been an equine TF fan...

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