The Age of Gold
The Age of Silver
The Age of Bronze

With magic all but vanished now, the world is lost it seems,
But still the patient Unicorns stand guard behind our dreams.

It is the Age of Lead.
Our Age.
The Last Age.
If there is another Great Evil, our time will be done:
Three chances are as much as anyone gets.

Few indeed are the Unicorns in this Age.
Most have left for the Haven Worlds, or returned to the Garden.
And yet, here and there, like sun rays through overcast, some are still amongst us:
Guiding. Befriending. Teaching. Hoping.
Guiding those who seek their path;
Befriending those who selflessly love;
Teaching those who wish to be taught;
Hoping we might yet remember our once kindred race and return to their protection.

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