Usage Policy
Please read this if you would like to use any of my work.
I am completely happy for anyone to use my work for their own purposes providing it is for non-profit ends. HOWEVER! Please read and respect the following:

My artwork is copyright under English Copyright Law, which is internationally enforcible. I grant the right to anyone interested in reproducing my artwork on computer, internet site, or in material form to do so, provided it is for personal or charitable use only. If you seek to make any personal profit from my art, please seek my permission first by e-mail. My work is strictly NOT to be distributed on any site offering "copyright-free artwork".

If displaying my work in a public place (web sites especially) I would really appreciate my name being credited to it. A link to would be nice too!

Thank you for your time, your interest, and your courtesy.
Matthew Webber
Staffordshire, England
December 2004