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Anime - the eyes have it

Acrylic A3 - A teeshirt design. Probably the best-known feature of Japanese animation -anime- is the exaggerated 'Bambi' eyes of the heroines (and many of the heroes too). In case you're interested, clockwise from the top we have Lum (Urusei Yatsura), C-ko (Project A-ko), Yuri & Kei (The Dirty Pair), Beldandy (Ah my Goddess), Tita (Plastic Little), Anapuma & Unipuma (Dominion), and Ranma (Ranma 1/2). Actually, (and thanks to Chris Townsend for pointing it out) Anapuma and Unipuma should have one blue and one green eye each, but that will teach me to use English art for reference!
Those Obnoxious Gamers

Acrylic A3 - Teeshirt design for a team at FurryCon'95. Featuring Lum from Urusei Yatsura, which very loosely can be translated as meaning Those Obnoxious Aliens, hence the in-joke.
Lum's Revenge

Acrylic A3 - Phil Laskey, one of the UK's best manga-style artists, did a cartoon for Anime UK featuring Benten, a close friend/rival of Lum's. It featured a a charicature of Lum in the background, and I just had to respond.
Character Sketches

Pen A3 - I wanted to design two 'anime' style heroines, and came up with Kirei and Kawaii (Japanese for 'Pretty' and 'Cute').
Pony Rides!

Pen A3 - Kirei and Kawaii again. Kirei has to put up with this sort of thing a lot.