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Sadly, I can't offer transformation potions for sale, but on this page I hope to offer a few doodads that might appeal to you.
There are a few books written by friends and some merchandise from Some more stuff in the pipeline!
If you've enjoyed the site, maybe you might show your appreciation by buying a little something..? Thank you!

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Books from

These are books you won't find in a shop or on Amazon.
They are self-published by the authors and printed on a print-on-demand basis.
What If You Are a Horse In Human Form?
Jason the Horse
This is the brave account of a human being with a horse's soul: how he came to realise it, and how he came to terms with it through the help of shamanic practices and sympathetic friends. As someone who has been priveleged to discuss the subject with Jason, I urge you to read this book.

Full review here. All proceeds will go to the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre.
Archival: Most Secret
Rob Rice
A compilation of novellas set amongst such backdrops as the American Civil War, and World War II. The richness and thoroughly researched background detail makes these stories beautifully plausible. Extremely ingenious writing gives a whole new take on transformation fiction. Available from Lulu: Behind the scenes of history… Lurked desperate men with strange knowledge, doctors with dangerous cures, and scientists terrified by their own discoveries. Join the heir to a faerie legacy and his bloody companion on a journey that ends before the very ramparts of New Orleans and in the smoke of a terrifying battle. What was the secret Winston Churchill’s valet sought to share with his employer from beyond the grave? Meet Flight Lieutenant Neville ‘Bunny’ Edwards, who in the course of the Second World War loses his humanity, but never his courage or his determination to stay in the fighting. Illustrated by Donna Barr.
Darkness in the Mirror
Rob Rice
There is something in the shadows…

There, in the corner of the glass… Perhaps it’s just an imperfection, the mirror is old and neglected… But you know that it’s not an imperfection. There is something, there, moving with purpose. Something that wants something… And what might that something be?

There is something in the Bayeaux around New Orleans… Something tragic. Something evil. There is a reason why a man hardened in the school of the alley and the life-preserver cannot think of the heads in Blenheim Castle without shuddering, and a horrible reason for what some would call a dire revenge. There is an exhibit in a museum that, to a trained mind, radiates fear… betrayal… bewilderment. There is something moving in the darkness in the mirror.
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Merchandise from Zazzle

Need a new teeshirt? Mouse-mat? Key-fob? These are a few designs I came up with on a transformational theme.
This is a work in progress, so please check back regularly for new products!

Please note that Zazzle products are often customizable, and the price can vary according to the options you choose. I have listed the cheapest price on this page but don't panic if the price seems more on Zazzle's page. Thank you!

Class 10 Hazard - teeshirt

Officially there are nine class of "HazChem" hazard warnings, for the mundane stuff such as poisons and explosions. Clearly there was a need for a tenth class: substances which have a transformative effect. The teeshirt, available in multiple sizes, features the HazChem symbol front centre, and on the reverse is a motto:


UK - from £15.95 USA - from $21.45
Class 10 Hazard - mug

The same Class 10 HazChem symbol on a coffee mug. Dishwasher-proof. And if your regular coffee-brand carries a class-ten warning, would you share the brand please?

UK - from £12.35 USA - from $15.70
I used to be a Unicorn - teeshirt

I used to be a Unicorn, but I'm all white now. Yes, okay, it's a lousy pun...

UK - from £15.95 USA - from $21.45

To see all my products, which includes a little anime and some of my horse and unicorn art, please visit my store at:
for Zazzle UK, or
for Zazzle USA.

If you don't live in these two regions, despair not! Visit Zazzle's International Page and click on the closest location to you. When you land on the homepage of your local Zazzle, add "unicorn_dream*" to the URL in your browser's address slot (the * at the end is important!).

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