Other Equines

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Pencil A3 - This actally started out life as the rough for a painting, but I ended up liking the rough much more than the painting. This often happens...

Acrylic A3 - A young centaur druid from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The blue grass is actually carnivorous but she got out okay!

Acrylic A4 - A paint 'sketch': she only took a little over an hour to paint.
Character Sketches

Pen A3 - I wanted to design two 'anime' style heroines, and came up with Kirei and Kawaii (Japanese for 'Pretty' and 'Cute').
Pony Rides!

Pen A3 - Kirei and Kawaii again. Kirei has to put up with this sort of thing a lot.
Lum-chan wa Uma desu?!? (Lum is a horse?!?)

Acrylic A4 - Okay, this one is unashamedly weird and requires a little explanation. It's based on Japanese cartoonist Rumiko Takahashi's manga character, Lum. Lum is a bikini-clad space princess with green hair and a penchant for tiger-striped decor. This is her as a horse... look, it's a long story: you just had to be there. Trust me on this.