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Acrylic A3 - Portrait.

Acrylic A4 - Portrait of a popular pony living at Stewards Farm where I used to ride.

Acrylic A3 - Portrait.
Redwings (1)

Acrylic A3 - A horse from Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Norfolk, England.
Redwings (2)

Acrylic A3 - A scene from the Redwings horse sanctuary.

Acrylic A4 - A portrait for some friends.
Equus Caballus

Acrylic A4 - Sweatshirt design.
A Swedish Warmblood

Acrylic A4 - Just a practice picture copied from a book.

Acrylic A4 - A portrait for a friend of his pretty little mare at Stewards Farm.

Acrylic A3 - Every rider has a favourite, whether his own or just his 'regular' at the riding stables. Until Stewards Farm sadly closed in '98, Polly had me weekly commuting three hours each way across London to ride her. She was too small for me, had lousy conformation, and couldn't jump, but had a personality in a million. I've only ridden a handful of times since then. My Piebald Princess, I miss you and this page is dedicated to you.
Flicka & Meadowe

Acrylic A3 - This is actually an illustration from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I once played. Both horses are actually player characters. It's a long story...
Southern Fantasy

Acrylic A3 - I didn't get this one quite right - the colours are far too strong. A friend commissioned me to paint a picture of a young woman holding a horse in a Gone With The WInd style. Enhanced with CG lens flare.