Other Artwork

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All the images on this site are copyrighted.
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Lum and Urusei Yatsura are the creation of Rumiko Takahashi and are copyright Shogakukan Inc,
but the artwork portrayed here is my own work.

The Alicorn Star

Acrylic A4 - A ship I designed for the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, for the Spelljammer scenario.

If you're interested in Spelljammer, Mark Doolan has a dedicated site, the Shattered Fractine, and very kindly featured the Alicorn Star on it. I was delighted by both his site and his treatment of the Star.
The Good, the Bad, and the Chaotic Neutral

Acrylic A3 - Teeshirt design for a team of the same name at FurryCon'94.
USS Voyager

Acrylic A4 - The NCC 74656, one of my favourite Star Trek ship designs. The Voyager is of course copyright to Paramount Pictures, but I couldn't resist painting it.
The Taw Valley

Acrylic A3 - The 4-6-2 West Country class Taw Valley, my first and only attempt at painting steam engines! Seen here at Wimbledon Depot.

Acrylic A4