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Unicorn Dream

Acrylic A3 - Logo design for my artwork, featuring 'Shadow', a black Friesian-like unicorn.

Acrylic A4 - A private commission for a friend.
Forest Rendezvous

Acrylic A3 - A piece drawing on a scene from The Unicorn's Friend.

Acrylic A3 - The picture is for someone named Melissa, not of her. It's an attempt to capture the shadowly style of her own excellent artwork.
Forest Rendezvous

Acrylic A3 - One of my favourite artists is Sue Dawe (one of the best unicorn artists in the world), and this is an unashamed 'copy' of my favourite piece, Moonlight Rendezvous. The original stallion was a winged horse, with a moonlit background.

Acrylic A4 - Another scene from the as-yet unwritten book, the Unicorn's Friend. The hero has here been tricked into drinking a transformative potion which changes him into a horse. The painted picture has been augmented on computer.

Pen A5 - One of my two 1995 Christmas card designs. Unicorn lovers please note: unicorns do not customarily use this kind of language! ^_^
Ice Skating!

Pen A5 - The second 1995 Christmas card designs. Yes, I had recently watched Bambi. Why do you ask?
Mare & Foal

Pen A5 - Another penned design, also an idea for a Christmas card.

Pen A5 - Counterpart to Mare & Foal

Acrylic A4 - A scene from Jon deCles' light-hearted novel, The Particolored Unicorn. One doesn't often see a unicorn in a hang-glider, so I had to paint it to see what he looked like...

Acrylic A3 - A solemn picture of the crimson-horned unicorn.
Sunset Lovers

Acrylic A3 - Painted for a wedding present for a friend. What more needs to be said?

...Apart from the fact that this image has somehow found its way into a televised advert for Powergen (guy in a kitchen - look at his apron). Heh, guys! Someone out there owes me a printed kitchen apron at the very least!