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This is a history of the site's updates.
The list runs in reverse-date order, so the most recent update is at the top.

13th May 2018
My First Kindle Book!
I finally took the plunge and published a book! The Unicorn of Aspen Falls is a 40-page novella about a young woman who becomes a unicorn.
6th January 2018
Guest Art
A wonderful picture of me in unicorn form from a very good friend and beautifully executed by PyramidHeadApproves.
4th October 2017
A story from new author Kiliq. The wife of a horse-vet accidentally becomes injected with an experimental equine steroid. Cover art here.
1st May 2017
Myth & Folklore
An Arabian Circe? Meet Queen Lab from the Arabian Nights!
17th January 2017
Site Maintenance
Changed central menu graphic.
13th January 2017
Server Maintenance
Site transferred to new server.
3rd June 2013
Guest Art
Edmol's wonderful exercise treadmill!
9th December 2012 Videography
Silao sent me this most amazing advert for a Romanian mineral water named Carpatina. It truly is a beautiful piece of film.
10th September 2012 Stories
A story from Kara. A kingdom whose desperately-needed cavelry was destroyed in a pre-emptive attack finds a novel way to replace its warhorses.
20th July 2012 Stories
A story from Bucephalus: a wouldbe hero finds his dreams realised in a way he hadn't anticipated.
30th June 2012 Stories
A surreal tale featuring Bob "Posti" Stein.
28th March 2012 Stories
Something Johnny Cash might have written if he'd been a fan of equine TF!
19th February 2012 Stories
Amazingly, Bob Stein managed to identify and locate the original children's reading primer that contained the story The Magic Button. Here it is!
26th December 2011 Happy Christmas, folks!
Guest Art
The conclusion to Coyote's Pinto sequence, adding two more pictures. A beautiful transformation!
11th August 2011 A good update today!
Guest Art
I was so pleased with Coyote's work last month that I asked her to do two more pictures, turning it int a sequence. There may well be more! Thanks, C! Bibliography
New book added: Goodnight Horsey - a book for young children.

New videos added: The Witch of Westmoreland and Eyrie. Thanks to Reo for 'Witch'.
21st July 2011 Guest Art
I commisioned Coyoteskin to draw me a woman halfway transformed into a pinto mare, and she came up trumps! My first ever commission:)
16th June 2011 Bibliography
New book added: Krabat.

New videos added: Petrang Kabayo and Krabat. Also a very sexy Orangina ad! (thanks to Silao for all of these!)
29th May 2011 Videography
Bewitched added. Thanks to Silao!
17th April 2011 Bibliography
It has become evident I needed a new category in the book section: a catch-all for things that aren't really books or films, so I've put them here under Other Media. A PS2 game pointed out by Silao, and an unusual but beautiful Tarot deck.
11th April 2011 Videography
L'ane et le Cheval added. Thanks, Silao!
29th March 2011 Stories
A new author! J.B.Burro's tale of a mistreated mare who just wishes her callous owner could see things from her perspective: Perfect Sympathy.
27th February 2011 Stories
Took me a little while to turn it into a web-document, but here is The Most Magical Place in the World, my half of the Christmas swap with Bob.
23rd January 2011 Videography
Animorphs and Beastmaster sequences added. Thanks, Justin!
16th January 2011 Links
Yahoo group Equine Sanctuary added. This forum is primarily for those who believe that, whether by accident or design, they essentially have an equine spirit in a human body. Anyone who sympathises with the concept is welcome though!

At last, due to the talented typing of Posti, aka Bob Stein, we have two brand new stories! Bob and I are determined to renew our creative efforts and keep a steady flow of new material.
1st January 2011 Bibliography
Happy New Year! A Mercedes Lackey book added to the bibliography page.
26th November 2010 Guest Art
New donkey tf sequence from Eala Dubh and Sabretoothed Ermine.
29th October 2010 Videography
J2O horse advert added and a nice little pencil animation pony tf.
3rd October 2010 Guest Art
New horse tf art from Kelvin the Lion added.
29th September 2010 Links
Mistakenly omitted Anime Transformation Archive reposted. Sorry about that, Jason!
26th September 2010 Guest Art
New donkey tf guest art from Ally Wyld added.
22nd September 2010 Bibliography
New book added: The Arkadians.
20th September 2010 Bibliography
New books added: Lady Moonlight, Quest's End, and The Stray Lamb.
6th September 2010 Bibliography
New books added: The Horse and His Boy, and the Animorphs series.

New videos added: Dexter's Lab: Deedee's Tail and two non-tf centaur clips (thanks, Justin!)
31st August 2010 Revised site launch.
Total rewrite and style change. Myths & Folklore, Videography, Guest Artwork, and Stuff! added. Methods rewritten and updated. New stories added.
12th January 1997 Original site launch.